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Principal's Information

Name: Regina Oechsle 

Phone Number: 801-402-2000

Email: roechsle@dsdmail.net

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Upcoming Events

Be kind to one another! 

Ellen Degeneres

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What's Happening at West Bountiful Elementary

Carson White helped our Elementary students have a place to play while our new school is under construction.  For Carson's eagle scout project, he created four square and tic-tac-toe games under the bowery.  Thanks to Smith's and Lowe's for donating the supplies and equipment; and a special thank you for Carson!  Our school and community appreciate you!

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Dreams come true for those who work while they dream.

Thomas Jefferson

West Bountiful Elementary By The Numbers

66 years is the age of our school

100% of our students will be participating in Project Lead the Way

1 of 6 schools in Davis School District with a Spectrum program

100% of our students participate in STEM activities

100% of our students can join our school choir